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Quantum Global group extends support for world class African focused research and publications

Jean-Claude Bastos De Morais continues to support African research

This expertly written book will heighten international understanding of and interest in our continent

GENEVA, Switzerland, December 4, 2015/APO (African Press Organization)/ --

Quantum Global group (http://www.QuantumGlobal.ch) is currently bolstering its thought leadership and media relations expansion plans with a significant drive to support high level African focused research aimed at contributing to the continent’s fast moving growth narrative.

In September this year, Quantum Global group Advisory Board member Célestin Monga co-authored, The Oxford Handbook of Africa and Economics (published by Oxford University Press) in partnership with Justin Yifu Lin of the National School of Development at Peking University. 

The publication also featured contributions from academic luminaries including Nobel laureates Joseph Stiglitz (Columbia University) and Roger Myerson (University of Chicago), and prominent economists such as Jeffrey Sachs Columbia University), Paul Collier (University of Oxford), Ha-joon Chang (University of Cambridge), Kaushik Basu (World Bank), Francois Bourguignon (Paris School of Economics), Ernest Aryeetey (University of Ghana), Mustapha Nabli (former Central Bank Governor of Tunisia) and Julia Cagé (Sciences-Po, Paris).

Launched in Vienna on December 1 during the 2015 UNIDO General Conference and deploying significant portions of research supported by Quantum Global group Founder, Mr Jean Claude Bastos De Morais, the Handbook represents a stellar piece of distinguished academic analysis exploring a raft of economic and socio-political underpinnings of Africa’s growing global significance.

Mr Monga, a former Senior Economic Advisor and Director at the World Bank, joined the United Nations Industrial Development Organization as Managing Director in January 2015.  A long standing pro-bono Advisory Board member at the Quantum Global group and a Cameroonian national, he is recognized as one of the world’s foremost thinkers on African economics and socio-economic dynamics.

In the wake of that undertaking, Quantum Global group has recently collaborated with the prominent UK based think tank the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF) - an independent platform for dialogue and research in global finance and economics - to produce a further far reaching publication The Convergence of Nations due to be launched at a ceremony in London on December 10th.

This new publication – edited by Quantum Global group Founder Mr Jean Claude Bastos De Morais – brings together the work of 31 of the world’s foremost authorities on global and regional economics whose individually authored chapters address topics essential to sustainable African economic growth and the future role of Africa’s sovereigns in the global economy.   

Seeking to identify the essential strands of the emergent African capitalist model, the publication also hones in and examines the key challenges facing fast growing African states including corruption, disease and terrorist conflicts. It also addresses the potential offered by the so-called ‘demographic dividend’ offered by Africa’s young, dynamic and increasingly well-educated population as well as analysing the rapidly improving levels of transparency, governance and representative politics.

In the foreword, Akinwumi Adesina, president of the African Development Bank, writes:

‘As always, Africa must aim high. This time we can and we will achieve our aims. This expertly written book will heighten international understanding of and interest in our continent. This is a compellingly realistic summary of all the big themes affecting Africa’s future, and I warmly commend it.’

The Quantum Global group and its Founder, Jean Claude Bastos De Morais, is fully committed to coupling the group’s investment activities with a suite of carefully targeted projects and strategic platforms designed to bolster constructive African dialogue and support the growth and development of African society, economics and civic society.   

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Quantum Global Group.

For further details on Quantum Global please contact: Mark Morley, Group Head of Communications.  
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For more details on OMFIF please contact: 
Alan Hayden
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