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Video News Release: Transformation in Africa Requires a Convergence of Ideas, Initiatives and Vision

The Convergence of Nations is a compilation of essays from thirty authors and underlines Africa’s potential to profit from globalisation and secure long-term strategic growth

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The Convergence of Nations is now available in English, French and Portuguese Thirty contributions from some of the worlds most intellectual thinkers on Africa African Entrepreneur, Investor and Innovation Influencer Jean – Claude Bastos de Morais ( today announced that two further editions of the highly demanded book – The…

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Quantum Global group extends support for world class African focused research and publications

Jean-Claude Bastos De Morais continues to support African research

Quantum Global group ( is currently bolstering its thought leadership and media relations expansion plans with a significant drive to support high level African focused research aimed at contributing to the continent’s fast moving growth narrative. In September this year, Quantum Global group Advisory Board member Célestin Monga co-authored, The…